in2nano high school club

on the road of life you lead or follow or get out of the way. In2nano, the NanoClub for Egypt’s aspiring teens is a well planned attempt to put them in the lead.

the in2nano project is designed to prepare high school students for the sweeping changes that nanoscience and nanotechnologies are bringing to the world.

Why nano? Nanoscience is an emerging field that has made revolutionary scientific breakthroughs in recent years. The technologies resulting from the nano-revolution will have far-reaching societal implication across all aspects of life including healthcare, agriculture, energy, water, and the environment. To keep up with the rapid pace of these newly developing technologies, we need a high degree of scientific literacy in the Arab world. (Read more about nanotech and future careers).

The in2nano project aims to ignite the minds of Egyptian youth to imagine how technology and science can offer solutions for their future. The project will consist of both an “actual” and a “virtual” classroom. The first half consists in a series of lectures to be delivered to participating public and private schools across Egypt in 2009. The second half of the equation this website which relays information about the programme itself, and is an information portal for students, their caregivers and educators. Finally, a FunDay is planned that will bring the learning of nanoscience to life.

in2nano aims to help Egyptian students develop a passion for science, but also for knowledge and creativity more generally. By emphasizing teamwork and creativity students will learn to reach beyond the limitations of yesterday into a brighter tomorrow.

Nanoscience is a new science for a new generation. The future is theirs, we have to help them reach it.

For more information, please feel free to contact the Organizers:

SabryCorp Ltd. for Science and Development
4 Al-Sabbagh Str., 11757, El Korba, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: +20 2 2414 6493 Fax: +20 2 2415 0992
Email: inquiries@sabrycorp.com